2010's Greatest Sh*ts (and a few giggles)

2010 was a great year. Filled with fun and foolery. I was gonna do a traditional top ten black ads of the the year kinda thing. But too few voted and I must keep it moving. So here is my version of the greatest hits, punches & black-eyes we picked up on over here.

10)  Brothers & Burgers, BK sexifies commercials about sleazy dance floor routines

09) 10 things marketers can learn from a muppets 

08) Fiddy Cent ups his creep game

07) David Banner Evolves

06) I bust my a*s around here and free fonts is what folks really want!

05) Global Hue goes general market and general market agency people get pissed!

04) The Swagger Wagon was a HUGE viral hit. Multicultural agency people get all pissed.

03) Everyone thought these illusions were more than optical

02) Even in Korea the stereotypes don't stop, but a general market shop in the states shows them how racism is done right. (It's in the 7 herbs and vices)

01) KFC shows us how to stifle a negro down under!

It's 2011, Let's get it! Peace.

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