So Yoon Lym: braided hairstyles art series

So Yoon Lym has recreated some incredibly detailed braided hairstyles in a recent monochromatic art series. By studying images of both men’s and women’s hair patterns, she has taken the time to capture the minor complexities of each look, showcasing a painstaking process and incomparable attention to detail in his work. Each print is available for purchase via So Yoon Lym’s website.

An Afro-futurist take on the modern suit

The story of Ikiré Jones, the brainchild of two first-generation children from Nigeria and Cambodia. A tale of history and rebellion. An Afro-futurist take on the modern suit.

The Dig: You and I and You

Terence Nance creates a magical realist film for the NYC group

Film buffs will recall Terence Nance’s debut An Oversimplification of Her Beauty as an uncannily original take on the well-worn fable of the uncertain twentysomething Brooklynite: boy meets girl, boy misunderstands girl and reconstructs his experience into a blend of memoir, experimental film and animation. 
“The songs are playing at transcendence and simplicity and unseen forces” 
The film subsequently won a prime spot at Sundance and a co-producer in Jay Z, but the self-deprecating Nance refuses to get wrapped up in hype or categorization. After The Dig contributed to the soundtrack of Oversimplification, the director repaid the favor with an impulsive, balletic film for the band’s 2013 EP You & I. “The songs are playing at transcendence and simplicity and unseen forces,” says the Dallas-born wunderkind, who distilled tracks “Cold Afternoon” and "So Alone” into a freewheeling short that could perhaps be described as a Wangechi Mutu portrait brought to life. “I think that those things worked their way from the music to my subconscious, and then into the film.”