The commercial GlobalHue didn't make (who did it better?) ::UPDATE::

I'm noting some massive subtleties here. Is this an ad GlobalHue couldn't do? Is this ad immensely better than what GH has done so far? The ad GH did certainly didn't warrant the death threats they received from the advertising community. Within the advertising community was there a huge backlash to a "multicultural" agency taking on a "general market" brand? I'd really love to hear from the advertising community & people who watch the ads, you can comment anonymously if you're scuured. Now the tag; I live, I ride, I am Jeep, felt a bit like a brand statement to be bantered around the office and maybe not the finished product. But that's more or less something an ad insider would think about. From the folks I know and have known with a Jeep, it was quite fitting. I've even worked on a Ford account where the ACD drove a Jeep in utter defiance of what we advertised everyday. But back to the ad. Is this new W+K ad earth shattering and a new life in advertising and subsequently in the life of the mind space that is a brand?

The massively teeny but meaningful differences I see are the tone of language to the mindset of the target. GH spoke to the markets brain, W+K's spot speaks to the loin. GH dug up the earthy hipster, that persona isn't supposed to exist in the Jeep family, but he's there, oddly. Maybe it's even there in hiding because he's a poser. That truth is almost biting, honest, but biting. W+K donned and old miners cap (replete with that little dim light peering forward) and a pick axe and dug deep into the general markets ass. They struck fools gold and it's the start of a new bonafide gold rush. Let me qualify that. W+K hit on who General Market Americans believe they are and that's all that really matters. They brought back the gritty romance, the steely fortitude.

While GH went the real world route and adeptly defined monotony and the minutia we live to escape from everyday. They also slickly whispered the glorious alternative that the Jeep brand offers. This is a huge move ahead in multicultural marketing. It's rare we see a multi-culti spot that would dare not show the product and rattle off every available feature and benefit that would fit into 30 seconds.

While GH gave us black turtle-neck W+K gave us a bit of red-neck. If you put the Tea Party logo @ around 40 seconds into this spot after all the talk of 'things that make us Americans', nation building, pride, rifles & cotton gins, you got yourself one of the best political ads since 'Morning in America.' Who are they talking to; Americans or people who speak Amurikin?

Although both of these adverts are practically clones by execution; the voice over, vocal cadence, stock imagery and the product, they drastically diverge at the part of the ego they address. Was one clearly better? Who did it best?

:: UPDATE :: Now I'm told that the imagery for the W+K spot comes from (was inspired by/gleaned from) a history channel promo. See it HERE.
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