((RE POST)) KFC in Austrlia: How to shut black people up

Ever find yourself in an awkward situation with those noisy negroes that just won't shut up. You've tried watermelon waving, introducing new dance moves and even hypoglycemic coma inducing, sugar thickened, "red" flavored Cool-aid. Nothing seems to work! Well KFC has the deep fried solution for all your rambunctious crowd dampening needs. See the B.S. above.

Using the word "Negroes" was just me joking around. But it is a term known the world around, it's even made an appearance on the 2010 US census again. Stereotypes exist the world over. It's just like the stereotype of black people and fried chicken in the US and much more harmful stereotypes.

I know first hand that the blacks and chicken stereotype is not unique to America. It may be worse here and African American may have battled the assumptions longer, but it's not a unique problem.

This entire spot is based on a bevy of stereotypes like; people of color are loud, have chicken loving predispositions, people of color partying all the time, Black people's hilarity is misplaced (even while celebrating at a game), etc.

As well as stereotypes of all white people being awkward around people of color, white people are sticks in the mud and can't enjoy themselves, white people being generally the heroic and magnanimous ones in situations, white people are clever, white people are always the problem solvers, white people know how to calm down a crowd of "West Indians," etc. I could go on for days. Did you catch those stereotypes?

The commercial holds fast to manifold stereotypical assumptions toward black people and the white people in this commercial. It relies entirely upon this type of thinking as its core concept.

The Australian Business w/t Wall Street Journal Quotes us in this article;  KFC's cricket ad featuring West Indians slammed as racist .

Perth Now, KFC Australia pulls 'racist' ad after US anger
"KFC Australia yesterday acknowledged that the ad could be perceived as racist. It said the ad had been "misinterpreted by a segment of people in the US" in a statement released this morning."
"could be??"
"It is a light-hearted reference to the West Indian cricket team," KFC said.
News.Com.AU, KFC sorry for 'racist ad'
"KENTUCKY Fried Chicken's head office in the US has apologised for "any misinterpretation" caused by a controversial Australian cricket advertisement as furious debate raged in local media about whether it was racist.
The ad was picked up by the US media, including the New York Daily News and Baltimore Sun, and drew heated debate, with some Americans accusing Australians of being racist because it perpetuates a stereotype that African Americans eat a lot of fried chicken."
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