Black Men Cheaper than Sex Toys?

Guest Post: Lee Davis

Dear South America, WTF?
While taking an inspiration-seeking afternoon cruise on the net, I had the misfortune of running into this:

It's part of a self promo package (no pun intended... seriously) developed by Argentinian agency NNSS. The link I found was old, but the agency still has this work featured on the home page of their website (just scroll down a bit when you hit the page). They were/are trying to take advantage of favorable exchange rates between the Argentine peso and the US dollar, the Euro, and many Asian currencies. I guess the message is something like, "the same 60 euros that will ONLY buy you a blue dildo in Europe will buy you a well-hung black guy with a funny haircut in Argentina. What a bargain!" Nothing like a favorable exchange rate to make a brother more attractive to a global audience.

Seriously though—WTF? What potential client received this and thought, "THIS is the agency I've been waiting for!" I can think of soooo many people this could offend.

Sadly, I'm guessing the ROI has been favorable since, like I mentioned, NNSS has this campaign front and center on their site.

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