Charlie Murphy as Leroy Smith

Two words to describe these ads 1) Ig 2) Nant! Wieden + Kennedy made about a hundred and ninety-eight of these and I could watch them all. Along with a web site that gives you a phantom pitch from more angles than internet porn could ever imagine. They have faux trading cards, iPhone apps, news clips and recipes to name more than you care to hear. Charlie Murphy has about three characters in him, But I love them all. Because there was always somebody just like Charlie around in most black neighborhoods. It could be my longing for the return of the Chappelle Show, but man I enjoyed these ads, promos, hey, what the hell are these? They definitely have that feeling of general market agency pimping the hell out of black culture, humor, etc. Also I was tensing up with almost painful anticipation of the big sell, but it never comes.

If you can figure it out let me know.
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