Ebon Heath: Typographic Sculpture

This dude is so good.. I just may quit advertising & design all together!
So, what does he have to say for himself...

"When I close my eyes i can see the words of great poets like Rak[i]m or Tupac flying thru the air and dancing with the same physicality my body instinctually feels. In the content of hip hop is a verbal dance between the MC and words, my work hopes to capture that dynamic flexibility found in bending, twisting, and chopping the language to reflect its content."

These are sculptures people! Not fancy 3-D computer hi-jinks! The man takes his hands and makes things while he imagines Tupac flying and rapping and sh*t!

Brooklyn-based artist Ebon Heath creates complex mobiles made out of beautiful jumbles of letters and words. Of his visually arresting suspended sculptures, Heath says, "The structures are a physical representation of our language as object. This 'visual noise' permeates all aspects of modern culture, especially urban living. From the signs, billboards, stores, and t-shirts that yell with type for attention as you walk down any high street. All the audio and verbal noise, from music we plug our ears with to the din of countless conversations, screams and whispers. With new media of texting, online, and transmitted technology there is even invisible noise silent to the eye surrounding us all. It is this cozy womb of information, data, or chorus of cacophony that my mobiles hope to represent as well as reveal: making the invisible visible."

Meanwhile, I sit in front of a two forty seven inch monitors, better described as a mini imax array, a forty two thousand dollar mouse and enough software to f*ck up googles servers and I still can't kern type to save my ass!

Go ahead you traitors... see more of my reason for going into account services here.
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