Forget that Noise, I want to see her in a commercial!!!

I mentioned a while back that it would be great to hear music from the Noisettes in a commercial. But this time instead of just listening to the music, this time I actually took a good look at the sister heading up the band. Dag Gummit, she wouldn't be bad in a print or TV beauty campaign. She's got that classic black girl beauty, the kind you really didn't appreciate until you realized how much Naomi Campbell looks like Keisha from fifth grade or Chanel Iman reminds you of someone in your own family. Shoniwa has gorgeous brown skin and a striking features not easily forgotten. She brings a presence (the single most important quality any model can possess) that could become a hallmark of a brand for a year or two at least.

She can really thump that bass and modulate her energy enunciations from subtle pop to racy rock. Modeling is all about displaying extremities in your subtleness & expressing the subtleties in any extreme, for me on the set. Anyone who's ever been on a photo shoot knows that natural energy and a certain inner beauty can't be faked. Either you can deliver it or you can't. Damn I hate it when a model can't put it all out there or I can't manage to extract it with my bare teeth. Well, the Noisettes lead singer Shingai Shoniwa gots it in droves! Just look at those bushy-bushy bush locks. Are they natural or texturized? Would she let you perm, ah, I mean relax them beyond recognition? Or maybe just flat-iron them, you know we like to straighten everyones hair before we put them in an ad. I'd like to see Shingai's best show-fro unshorn and shocking in full cacophony coif in an ad. But alas, she'll probably end up in some general market spot for insurance or beer commercial...

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