State Farm: "I'll Be There"

Why did DDB Chicago just kill it with this spot!? Why did someone else not do this first!? Ah, music and commercials, I still maintain, it's a match made in heaven. The music in this commercial is just endlessly emotional. The visuals get a little sappy. But they music bolsters the imagery in a way that makes you over look any deficiencies there-in. A prepubescent Michael breaks in the opening and your first impulse is to call your momma into the room. Then Jermain takes the mic and pulls your heart out through your ear! The thing about this track is, it is so good you could have had puppies mindlessly running in slow motion for :30 seconds and super it with a pet food logo or :60 seconds of a little league baseball montage and posted up a 'Big Brothers' logo and it will still make a lumberjack T-9000 cyborg teary-eyed. Not sayin' that I almost cried or nothing, I'm just saying. Once again a general market agency has dug deep into the record crates of our collective cultures and conscious and sampled the very soundtrack of the African American soul and served it up for mass consumption. : ( Frankly, I think they got a lot of things right.


It may not be the first time this song was used in a commercial (and I'm OK with that.)
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