Thandie Newton to front new martini ads

Desperate to bring back the glamour once associated with the brand, Martini has signed on class act Thandie Newton to be the spokeswoman for their new “stay beautiful” campaign. The actress will be featured in adverts styled by fashion guru Bay Garnett and photographed by A-list photographer Anders Overgaard in an exclusive London members club. A spokesperson for Martini said that "She [Newton] was a natural choice to be our ambassador for 2009 due to her cutting edge style and passion for fashion and beauty.
Martini is banking heavily on Newton's ability to influence women in the all important 25-34 year old age brackett into giving the beverage a shot. In fact, Bacardi Brown-Forman (the peeps that own Martini) plan to invest £5.6 million in marketing Martini this year with an integrated trade and consumer campaign. They are also focused on leveraging a number of Martini assets across fashion, film and Formula One motor racing to help promote the brand."
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