Black Ad Creator Series Part III: Andrew Thompson "the Beast"

An experimental mind and an alchemist's heart born in the body of an adventurer with a freaky cyborg-like wireless mouse for a hand. That's my reoccurring nightmare of the guy I'm going to have to pitch against. I know it's over the top but, I set the bar high so I never run into this guy. I'll be damn if some Dr. Design Frankenstein didn't go and push the power on button on this dude's back. Andrew Thompson all over the place with ballsy manifold talent to spare. He's worked with the who's "poo" of agencies; R/GA, Euro RSCG, Digitas, Grey Interactive, EVB, Razorfish, Jesus & Moses to name a few.

Atslopes--reel 2007 from andrew thompson on Vimeo.

Andrew's work is consistently layered and inventive. The choreography of design between light and crisp Target motion graphics and his illustration work is formidable.

I particularly like the whimsical nature of the illustration work. It's funny in its proportions and subject matter while the illustrator himself never sacrifices message for style. Andrew makes the illusive attention getting funny seem easy without degrading the subject or the brand. from andrew thompson on Vimeo.

In my final analysis this dude is sick, as in ill. Like multiple personality designer disorder. I mean who the "F" goes from serious illustration (for commercial use) to web design/development to art direction to animating the retail application of Microsoft Surface touch-and-recognition table technology. We all want to but, Andrew Thompson does it.

Target-Nemo from andrew thompson on Vimeo.

See more (like the insane illustrated metro cards) at:

Andrew Thompson
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