Kiss My Black Ads featured in STEP Inside Design Magazine

We got a mention from the cool people at "Step Inside Design" Magazine. The article was written by the venerable Michelle Taute and it goes a lil' somethin' like this... Hit it!

Unlike corporate diversity training, Kiss My Black Ads brings a sense of humor to the topics of race and marketing. This new blog features work for, by and of multicultural people, and you’ll find wincingly bad vintage ads right along with the latest slick efforts from Nike. “The focus is reaching out to other African American creatives and saying, ‘We’re out here,’” says Craig Brimm, the blog’s author and the creative director behind boutique shop Culture A.D. in Atlanta. The site is a fantastic source for inspiration, and in a perfect world, your boss would let you out of that diversity workshop just for reading it.

It's also the "Emerging Talents" issue, it's not to be missed. Terry Lee Stone writes, no, composes, no, orchestrates a bangin' ass symphony of the up and coming designeratti. Keep kissing up on your job because these guys are making us all look a little rusty! On newstands now. I will feature the some of the talent here.

Step Inside Design
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