Hopefully David Banner's Gatorade Ad Helps More Ears 'Evolve'

by ill Mami @ Soulbounce
I have long been complaining about modern R&B's male singers not being something I'm used to. As in men who sound like men. Gruff, sometimes guttural, church-raised voices whose secular side can sometimes coax women out of underthings covering nether regions.All I'm saying is that I prefer Teddy Pendergrass' voice over Omarion's any day even though I like them both. Truth be told, I love Teddy more. Even though some people complained that David Banner's "Evolve" now being featured in this Gatorade commercial sounded too much like an old Negro spiritual--what's wrong with that?--I love the fact that Kermit Quinn from Blackstreet is singing like a man. The type of man's voice that I described above. While you likely have seen the commercial, be sure to peep the full-version of this song after the bounce.

by ill Craigy @ KMBA
I too have been complaining, complaining about the lack of great commercials and music locked up for a super great advertisement. I initially thought this was a golden oldie piece of music that was dug up from the time of flappers & prohibition, something about it made me wanna do the charleston (which I can do -- thank you very much). But to learn it was a fairly recent track by two outrageously talented artist as Mami so eloquently put it above. This is a match made in in funk's valhalla. This is a feel good spot and a really good effort on all parts, glad to see it. Score one for bring back the fun and the funk.

(l-l-l-long ass) creds:

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Craig said...

Jen, I was happy to hear that DB did this. Dude is so under rated.