KMBA is a blog that was created to make a change in anything related to African American Advertising and graphic design. In fact, we are trying to expand the concept of multicultural advertising and graphic design. Cultural evolution does not mean that cultural identity is dead and this blog is a clear example of that. If you want to learn more about professional African American Advertising you should give this blog a visit on a regular basis and learn more about what advertising & graphic design for African American and multicultural audiences is all about.


Craig Brimm

Location: Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, St. Pete, FL, US

I am the founder & editor of this blog. I am also Creative Director/Art Director of Culture Advertising Design. I actively freelance as well. So I can be leased out to inform & enliven several aspects of any advertising or design project from concept to completion. I simply love advertising and design so that's why I started this not multi-cultural but, ultra-cultural©™ blog to 'put a little paint where it aint' or to shine a favorable light on the more diverse dealings in the game. And don't try to steal my Ultra-Cultural©™ tag.


Kristy Tillaman

Location: Boston, Mass
Kristy Tillman is currently a communication designer at international design firm IDEO, where she has worked on a variety of projects ranging from large scale packaging to medical injection devices. Prior to joining IDEO, she worked as a designer for PUMA International creating niche retail experiences and crafting brand stories. Kristy has a strong passion for education, and working with youth of color having lead design workshops for Girls Inc. and mentoring students at Youth Design. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Spin Magazine and Fast Company

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The advertising and design featured here can be created by anyone regardless of ethnicity. We just like good + interesting work.

Sometimes things are here just because they feature the color black or black humor!

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