Stereotypos :: Quesada Mexican Grill :: Real Mexicans

Headline: "Real Mexicans know where to get real Mexican"

Wow, seriously? We need a new word for stereotype like "Hi-Def-Hate" or Surround Sound Insensitivity". Because these ads give you the full experience of cultural cluelessness and all encompassing ignorance.

"I wonder what an ad for a soul food restaurant would look like."

BBDO Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno
Art Director: Todd Cornelius
Copywriter: Jamie Marcovitch
Photographer: Matt Barnes


Unknown said...

These ads are banned in Arizona.
And uh...gourmet burrito sounds like a White American dish to me, just sayin.

Craig said...

Should be banned everywhere.

Tafari said...

Sorry but that last ad reminded me of "Nacho Libre," which I hated BTW.

I wonder what an ad for a soul food restaurant would look like.

Forex Robot Nation said...

It is so blatant though, it almost becomes a commentary about stereotypes rather than perpetuating the belief. Although, that's from an educated perspective.

Anonymous said...

Note that one of the CDs has a Latino name. The agency will use that to validate the work: "Hey, it was created by a Mexican!"

Craig said...

Forex, great thinking, to bad it's not a commentary.

Anon, That is the same excuse they are using for the Indian cast ad here:

HighJive said...

yes, i know. i made the comment as Anonymous.

Omar Curiel said...

I don't know Craig. As a "real Mexican", sombreros and luchadors just aren't that offensive to me. They're cliches used to make bad ads like these. If they really wanted to be controversial, they would have used a brown nanny taking care of some white babies or a maid or a guy with a leaf-blower.

Craig said...

HJ, I thought maybe you were some in on it, but never can be sure.

Omar, you gotta admit it's very top line and first thought sort of concept(s). They impart no deep insight about the restaurant, its clientele or the culture. But I appreciate you're opinion and would like to hear more.