Zulu Swenkas (Swankers)

The Swenkas are South African workers who have found a unique way to channel their self respect, their creativity, and their hope in the future in the worker's hell that Apartheid created and modern South African society can't seem to dismantle. Hard lives, miserable living conditions and long separations from their families would beat down the strongest men. The Swenkas beliefs in cleanliness, self respect, chaste behavior, and support for one another give them hope in their grim world. Their healthy humorous competition for the best attired man gives them joy. Their snappy clothing and male model performances are exercises in self respect and creativity.


Chai said...

that's talent! I can appreciate them so very much.

Craig said...

Chai, I'm loving them right about now. Chai can you contact me about hair blogging? I have a project and we are looking for people.

Black People Suffer From PTSD said...

That's so cool!