Fox has a new TV show called 'Brothers'

Fox has a new TV show called 'Brothers'. I honestly hope it's as good for people as 'Cosby' runs longer than 'The Simpsons' makes money like 'Sienfeld' as involving as 'Girlfriends'. But with the guy in the wheelchair cracking fat jokes in rapid succession... I don't see it lasting too long. But I really wish them all the best.

Is this the same Fox that owns the "News" network really doesn't care all that much for African Americans? Oh, I get it, make the black dollars on one network while getting the not-so black money on the other network. Oooooh, I get it!


shaun. said...

you lost me at FOX.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Wasn't there another show called Brothers a few years back? It flopped, but not sure what network it was on.

Yeah, Fox News viewers and Fox Reality station viewers, and Fox TV viewers need to be hip to the fact that Fox is trying to exploit anyone they can. Whether it be hosting a National Tea Party or throwing on another Black show to get that Black advertising money. Do the Conservatives really think about it, nope duped.