Was the first Punk Rock Band Black?

Late last night while watching the Carson Daly, my favorite interviewer right about now. He introduces this band called Death, and I'm like Death? That's some f'd up ish. Why would anybody call themselves Death? The Carson talks about them being Punk Rock before Punk Rock and my ears perk up. Then Daly mentions they were rocking back 1973 in Detroit, destroying popular sounds and killing all conventions, and I'm like yeah, woooord. Then dude drops that they were black and I'm gone, right. But not so quick, Then they play this mind grinding music and I lose it! I don't know what 'it' was, but I lost that sh*t at that very moment.

Here's what I love so much about Black Culture; It's always been more Rock and Roll than Rock and Roll, More Hip Hop than Hip Hop, more Jazz than Jazz and waaaaay more improvisational, spiritual, eclectic, eccentric, moving and powerful than a gospel remix with a funky drummer track and an auto-tuned Mahalia Jackson!

Here's a great interview with Death at 2010 SXSW. Click the link to hear a little bit more of the Punk Rock roots music.

DEATH is an amazing story that is taking place and still developing, within the music industry. This is a Detroit story of the three Afro-blood brothers David, Dannis, and Bobby Hackney who in 1973 formed a Rock-N-Roll band that is now acclaimed as the band that was Punk before Punk was Punk!
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