Blade Runner meets Blaxploitation! SOUL MAN™

SoulMan is a hot forthcoming film about a black spy in the future, that's all I know and that's just a guess. See the trailer after the bump.

Guillaume Ivernel's new project:
(Blacklight Movies)

A 1' FullCG Teaser. (a 8' pilot will be revealed later)
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Seen @ S&A and here's what they had to say;

"I think it’s safe to say that many of you were just as excited as I was with the 1-minute teaser trailer for the upcoming animated feature called Soul Man, which I posted yesterday.

Little info was available at the time of that entry, but, thankfully, a producer of the film (Emilien Dessons) emailed me to fill in the holes.
First, what I knew yesterday… its budget is about 35 Million Euros or ($48.5 million) by Frenchman Guillaume Ivernel, and his Paris-based production house, Blacklight Movies; about 6 minutes of it was screened at Cartoon Movie, the European Cartoon Symposium, early this month, and the response was good; and it’s being billed as “Blade Runner meets Blaxploitation.”
Today, I confirmed that it is indeed a feature-length film (with that budget I’d certainly expect it to be :) ), and it’s still very much in development right now, with a 2014 release date planned! So, we still have another 3 years to wait for this. Talk about an early tease, right?!
Further, the Monsieur Dessons, the producer, said that an 8-minute preview trailer will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May (our own MsWOO will be attending the festival, and while animation may not be her thing, let’s hope that she’s able to attend this preview); although, I’m told that the same 8-minute trailer will be made available on the production company’s website a few days after its Cannes showing.
And lastly, I received an official synopsis for the film, which reads: “Set in an alternate world built on two levels, “Soul Man” turns on a former Polish detective entangled in a shady multi-billion-dollar biotech deal — the key to which is a baby girl the detective is asked to look after.”
Alright, so there ya go! We’ve got 3 long years to wait for the finished film… but less than 2 months until the 8-minute preview, which should tell us a whole lot more… I hope.
In the meantime, if you missed it yesterday, or just want to see it again, check out the cool-looking teaser below:"
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