LeBron channels Tiger Woods

Judged in the court of public sentiment and on the court of play, The young Mr James seems to be at a cross-roads. It reminds me terribly of the Tiger Woods commercial, but a hell of a lot less apologetic. Not that I think he should apologize, he simply tok a new job. But they both ask deeply probing questions that the public would love to hear the answers to, but they both feel no real compunction to answer. It's almost like saying you answer it yourself, I'm very wealthy and frankly I don't have to.

He's been hero-ed and hated, both criminal and cop right about now. I could try and wax extra reflective here, but the fact is; This dude will be hated in Cleveland and Ohio maybe, close to forever. And if his new team comes close to the finals and a few great play are made in Miami (and they will on both accounts), all will be forgiven outside of Cleveland that is. Why so deep? It is just a game -- a high-stakes, mega-cash, heart in your throat and on your sleeve - GAME.  Pretty commercial too.


See the shoe after the jump

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