Clutch Magazine's Top 50 African-American Women Tastemakers

The uber hot Clutch mag drops a list of the Hot 50. The Top 50 Amazing Tech Tastemakers! This is an absolute must read to know who's what and why. They've assembled the go-to team of the net's NEXT. These folks alway peep the future and tell the net where to go... in a nice way that is. Congrats to all who made the list and the list maker!

Clutch defines it's tastemakers:
Here at Clutch tastemakers are the women who are passionate about elevating and representing Black women in a positive light and make a point to do so in digital environments. They are the risk takers, the thinkers, and most importantly the doers. Tastemakers are not influenced, they create influence and they do it through amazingly bold and innovative action. They are redefining the women's lifestyle and ensuring the digital revolution will be televised, tweeted, blogged, and crowdsourced. 

I couldn't have said it better myself! Go'head ladies!

Check the list served here.

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