Industry trend: Zombies (are dead)

It's that time again to call out the copycats, the carbon copies & replicants & the droning clones. OK people it's time to stop with the ZOMBIES. We have seen enough. I understand around the Hallowed E'en we should expect a few, but damn, If I watch another one something is liable to fall off of me (hopefully my eyes). Ford Fiesta did it interesting a while back to a bit of industry fanfare. And then Starburst made the undead kinda funny. Alas, the 'concept' is officially dead, morte, dead, like Windows 7 on arrival.  I think we have seen more Zombies than we saw of bears last year and gnomes a few years ago. Here's a clue people, get a new meme! You're boring Zombies (back) to death.

But leave it to the Black folk to take it somewhere else. See the reversed script after the jump

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