Walter Crunk-ite? Ed Gordon returns to BET

He was once the most trusted man in black news. Not because he was about the only black guy reporting the news, but because he was so damned good. He was honest and forth-right as well as not afraid to ask the tough questions. Asking them wasn't enough for Mr. Gordon actually going after the answer was his forté. If you've never seen him, he was the guy who did an inquisition on R. Kelly's a*s that had him felling a little trapped in the closet. But then I felt let down after he scored the first interview with OJ post-mega-problems and then jumped ship to the major leagues. Well, like the television farm leagues. They took our Walter Cronkite and hid him deep, I mean deep in the annals of like MSNBC(D-E-F-G)! They practically did a media equivalent of a Jimmy Hoffa style "hide the bone." ED was ghost.

Well, now he's back and looking fresher than ever. I betcha he hasn't lost a step or his tough cop with a smooth smile questioning technique. Let's see if he can get Pastor Eddie Long on the show? (You know to tell his side of the stor-ray) Who better to give a balance interview? Welcome back Ed!


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Tafari said...

Its good to see that Rd is coming back to TV. I hate BET with a passion so it will take a lot for me to watch. Im certainly not watching with Steve Harvey's black ass on their. Im sure he could have got a better 1st guest.

Just saying