10 Things a Clear Positioning Provides For Your Ad Agency (or anything else)

Trying to appeal to everyone appeals to no one.
Without a point of differentiation you will find it difficult to effectively market and promote your agency and you will struggle to succinctly define your agency and what it does.

10 Things a Clear Positioning Provides for Your Ad Agency:
  1. An increase in your agency’s relevance
  2. A direction for how your agency spends its time, money and resources
  3. An understanding on the types of persons to hire
  4. A better new business win ratio
  5. A strong appeal to a select group of prospects 
  6. Prospects that line up with your agency’s core strengths, what you do best
  7. A broader market area
  8. Fewer competitors, because there will be fewer firms who do what you do
  9. Have prospects seek out your agency
  10. Better margins, because well-focused agencies command premium pricing

“Advertising agencies need positioning because prospective clients have lots of choices—and if you don’t stand out, you are going to struggle with new business.” Michael Gass


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