Shotopop does Skunk Anansie... very well.

With the very kind help from Fractured Films, Shotopop directed "Because of you", the first single from the new album, "Smashes & Trashes".

The video tells the tragic love-story of a bird, and, erm.... a balloon. Its true... The live footage was mostly shot on a painted backdrop, with the final sequence filmed on greenscreen. Footage from the shoot was edited and spliced together with the animated story-line to make the final film. Hmmm - What fun!

Thanks to Paul for all the advice, Pieter for sound, Dom & Will from Fractured Films for all their help with the shoot, Mr Andy Marshall for giving us some of his time for free, and Super Stu, for all the nice 3D goodies in the vid!

More blazen black funk rock after the bump.

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Tafari said...

Love this sound!!!!! Just picked it up from eMusic. Thanks for posting.