Is this offensive or just art? (NSFW)

This is an hella bizarre film that doubles as a fashion look book. The 'film' is written and directed by Harmony Korine who's famous for his hella bizarre movies 'Kids' & the extra hella bizarre 'Gummo'. If you wanna get your uber-post-hipster game up check out 'Trash Humpers' select any line and repeat it ad-nauseam. The film is the single most disturbing/distracting promo for commercial use I've ever seen. Some may find it disturbing and progressively wasteful. I think it ultimately says so much more about the film makers psyche than the subjects situations. It would seem the Proenza Schouler brand team is very interested in art-shock value to promote what looks like a pretty cool fall line of clothes. As a less than casual observer I thought it was cool that they wanted to plumb the depths of the anti-social behavior in this film [BUT] I feel like I hear much of the directors poetry through the scant moments of scathing insight. [This film is about Harmony's perceptions and not about the Black girls lives at all.] Korine is a brilliant, witty and staccato brained film maker who makes great art and I guess pretty damned interesting commerce. And here is a stylish & beautifully morose fashion challenge set before you. Oh well, if they like it, I wanna lick it... but I just kinda watched it looking for the truth in it and of it. Not for anything remotely true about the lives of the characters I love art and this is art not reality.

Was it offensive to you? Is just exploitative and ultimately harmful to the already damaged image of inner city life and people? Or was it just some bull for hype sake?

See the fashion designers take after the bump.

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