Case Study: The failed attempt of making the McDonald's "BK King" bun film viral....

I get a lot of emails here at the KMBA advertising automation solar funk & windmill plant, So today I get one from an alleged "Tyrese Washington." Now I'm always happy to get tips on new ads and graphic design work, it makes me happy makes my heart beat clean. But this one was fishy from the start, it read,

❝been a fan of the site for a while now, and thought you might be interested in this. 
I've seen this video a bunch of places recently was wondering. 
Regardless, a fun jab at the Golden Arches.❞

Hmm, Tyress Washington, riiiight, riiight... So my first thought was let this one marinate. Just felt fishy. So I poke around to find that it was sent to other bloggers a while back. Why do folks always send me the press release and even the fake virals late...? That's another post. A better question is why the fake asses name the emailer to KMBA Tyresse F*CKING Washington??? These people are wrong in so many ways. 

The biggest problem is they insulted the intelligence of several influential bloggers who are more than happy to post your lame ass viral with no problem. This was just plain stupid. But DaBitch over at AdLand got into them in a pretty good fashion so read on below:

Reposted from Dabitch on Jul 20 2010

So the "miracle bun" is making email rounds to ad bloggers. Yep, I too have received an email, July 2nd, with the subject"seen this? possibly for BK?". Since I get a lot of legit emails, that tell me the credits of creators and that sort of thing that I'd rather spend my time on, and I have spent many years (14 but who is counting?) yawning at these types of fake-viral kickstarts, I don't even bother with these types of emails any more. Most of the time, I don't even click the link. Ben Kunz did though, and he muses at brandflakes "can you trust the Burger King miracle bun?" You see, both him and Where's My jetpack got that same email. "Where's my jetpack" had some time to kill, so he picked apart the attempt of viral-launching and the many reasons why it is a #fail. It has forced acting, it's being tipped with mystery-mail, it has no views.....
It is uploaded by a guy who, SURPRISE, has only ever uploaded one video - and it's this one.
And the people who think Jake's video is awesome, their profiles have ZERO uploads. These are what's known in the business as "fake plants pretending to like your faked stupid video." One of them comments on Jake's video that "Damn dude! This BK thing is blowin' up!" Uh, not really.

I didn't post it. You see, secrecy is not the key to viral. Check out the recent BYU study like a scholar, scholar (look at the amount of FB "likes" on that one), and January's big hit here The Coke Happiness Machine and you can plainly see that they went viral just fine with their credits attached. Oh yes, that's right... It was because they're good. You might have to work on that.

If you must look at the Miracle bun, go see it somewhere else.

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