RIP Chakaras Johnson, Graphic Designer Extraordinarie

by Atim Annette Oton 
On Monday evening, I received an email from a fellow designer to announce very sad news. I was stunned. Charakas Johnson had left us. Designer Chakaras Johnson was simply one of the best people that I have met in the design industry. He was charming, funny, and serious. Most of all, Chakaras was talented. That is not an understatement.

I met Chakaras and his brother, Chacon, when they designed Blacklines Magazine, which I ran as the executive vice president in 1999-2002. They created the magazine’s image and look -and the template which we used. It was a fun time working with them – they were extremely creative and made all of us laugh. Chakaras was the lead, the older brother, very protective of us and caring about our product. It was clear that he was having a great time with the proces of dealing with three women who had just begun publishing. He taught us a lot. And after 10 years, I am still in publishing.

My tribute to him is simple:

Designers may come and go – but the good ones leave a legacy. His legacy was of talent, great personality and ambition. He was driven, hardworking…and simply, he was one of the good guys. My heart goes out to Chacon Johand Nicole. Time will pass but the memories last a lifetime. He left us all great ones; and as we smile and cry, we know this talented man walked among us. He gave us compassion and hope to change the world with his craft and person. We will miss him dearly.

With respect – please visit Chakaras and Chacon’s website: 

and please donate to a Memorial Fund for him:

On Friday, the memorial service for Chakaras Jonson will be at:
Friday, July 23rd from 9-11am at Brooklyn Funeral Home at 2380 Pacific Street Brooklyn

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