Converse: All Summer

I'm a little late posting this, but I like it more every time I hear it. Also I feel just a lil bit better e'rry time I sees it. Kid Cudi and Vampire Weekend? Who knew? I love the compositing and Art Direction on this piece. I'm also digging the creativity that is coming music videos these days. Even though I'm certain this budget was bigger than most -- it has that grimy $500 video feel to it. Yep they built in the $300 dollar video camera look with about a coupla' hun'did thou worth of post production work & for that I thank you. I love how Hip Hop roams the spectrum of music like no other genre before it. This is more like Hipster-Hop and it's one time I'm not mad at that word: Hipster... still I did crack my "H" key on my keyboard when  typed it.

Good jooooooob Anomaly!

Anomaly, New York, USA
Creative Director / Partner: Mike Byrne
Creative Director: Ian Toombs
Art Director: Grant Mason
Executive Producer: Andrew Loevenguth
Directed and Animated: Psyop
Production Company: Psyop
Psyop Creative Directors: Marco Spier, Marie Hyon
Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Associate Producers: Adam Coffia, Danielle Birch
Art Director: Gerald Ding
Editor: Cass Vanini
Compositors: Fred Kim & Borja Peña

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