Reese's Puffs Rap Video... and it don't stop, sadly, it just doesn't stop

...and it don't stop...

Mojo, I gotta give it up, your commercial for the Toyota van totally rocked. I predicted it would be a hit with the intended market and kill on the virals chart. I see what you mean by your efforts now. Apologies my man. It just wasn't particularly one of my faves. The brand of rap felt less parity and more parody and that's fine. This one well... not so much -- I can't take it.

I'm sure somebody will love it. I understand 'Rap' is mainstream, it's been that way since before MC Hammer kindly reminded everyone that they shouldn't or even couldn't 'Touch Dis'. I get it. It aint about the rap anymore or even the cultural creep, because cultures inherently blend -- that's what makes them so f'n wonderful. But this is just bad *ss advertising. Maybe kids love it, but if you've ever read this blog before you know there is something about me, hip-hop & ads that just bust my woofers. This spot nears that point without really going over into microphone malaise. The rap is sugary sweet, the beat is chocolatey smooth, the refrain is repetitiously crunchy, I'm sure kids will eat it up. And that's what makes it so sad. Good job... I think?
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