When will it end... Swagger Wagon, Wigger Rappin'

Is this a cool comedic concept or a mindless modern mockery? Are they just imitating Black culture or making fun of black people? At any rate it seems so tired and contrived, it makes you wonder how these things get past the good laugh at the office to an actual commercial.

Saatchi & Saatchi

Mookie n 'Nem say...

This is exactly the type of b.s. we're talking about. It's disrespectful to African-American culture, African-American people and Hip-Hop culture. We truly believe that all Toyota products should be boycotted. F#@% Toyota and their rappin' wiggers!

(Oh, excuse us while we put down our Haterade. Allow us to run around the block and clear our minds and find a moment of clarity. Thank you.)

OK, in all honesty and all jokes aside, this ad demonstrates how influential African-American culture, African-American people and Hip-Hop culture are. Because of our culture, we put a Black man in the White House, the home of the most powerful nation on Earth and we made an Asian car company feel comfortable enough to use a piece of our culture to hock its s#!t. And ain't nothing wrong with that. As long as we live. It's you and me, baby. Well, we’re moving on up! To the East side. We finally got a piece of the piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!

Or something like dat.

Look, put down the Haterade. Be joyful that the people who were once considered 1/3 human are now being invited to the party in all sectors of American society. Stop looking for racism in EVERY gosh damn thing.

There once was a time when we had to be on hyper vigil. Now ain't the time. We are not saying that everything's perfect. We repeat. We are not saying that racism doesn't happen more often than it should. It still happens far too often. However, like our national color alert terrorism system, let's lower the alert to "yellow," which is elevated, but not "red" or "orange," which is severe or high.

Chill and relax. This ad is funny. It's insightful. It's truthful. And it's good! So don't make it hard for the few brothers and sisters (or non-brothers and sisters) in the ad industry to do what makes them, them. Don't make it hard for brothers and sisters (or non-brothers and sisters) to make it do what it do. (i.e., be true to themselves and the culture they grow up in -- Black and Hip-Hop.)

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