Mini uses the power of the Internet to challenge Porsche

The MINI is using the power of the Internet to challenge the Porsche on a race, putting his Mini Cooper S against the Porsche 911 Carrera S than two weeks here at Road Atlanta. Surprisingly, Porsche is taking the challenge seriously.

The British (who respond to BMW's German) betting that its Cooper S 174 hp can beat the Porsche 911 of 390 hp and are challenging the Germans with a campaign on Facebook, a full-page ad in The New York Times and the video that you give below.

The president of Mini USA, Jim McDowell - former Porsche president of Porsche  USA, Detlev von Platenfind it at Road Atlanta (in the state of Georgia that the Office of Porsche) on June 21 with the riders your choice. If Porsche wins, McDowell will wear a shirt saying that the Porsche is faster than the Mini. McDowell to joke about the fact Porsches help you get the bald women.

Even though the Mini probably will not have chances, they have nothing to lose by being paired with 911. Manufacturers tend to be challenging for mano-a-manos, but his opponents often refuse the challenge because they know they will be defeated, or because they do not like co-branding. So no matter what happens, the company that organizes the challenge usually wins.

Porsche in turn is at least considering the challenge posed by the Mini.

"Porsche has the largest number of race victories than any other manufacturer - 28,000 and growing - perhaps we should get the 28,001 th" said Steve Janisse, manager of media relations for Porsche, at Jalopnik. "We just need to know what's their intent. "

And the fight stretches on to Facebook. The campaign is the creation of Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners.
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