Tatiana Arocha Works 5 to 9 for Centric

Tatiana Arocha works with Centric TV to create vibrant and fun opening animations for Centric’s “5to9″ prime time hours. Arocha and Centric collaborated together to create an identity for their prime time block, making a series of IDs for each of their shows during the “5to9″ programming. Says collaborator Gary Encarcion, “The idea behind the look of ‘5to9′ was to create a sense of winding down, a changeover from day to night. We also wanted a strong connection to the main channel brand and the symbolism of the logo mark, that Tatiana kept intact while adding her own flair. From the start of the curtain raiser to any one of the show IDs, this package has proven to be a huge success. Its lush color palette and playful animation help bring a distinct, yet organic, look to a relatively young channel.”
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