Advertising Trend: Man's Men

It's that time again kids! Time to watch the copycat train move full speed ahead with no sign of stopping in sight. How many more manly man ads will the big ads shops push out. It's like 'Frat-boys Gone Wild' or Man on Man ad porn or the self-absorbed absorbing themselves into one big mobius comic strip. This is some serious self suck. At what point will the this latest ad trend end.

It's always easy to for the men who write and art direct these ads to create the concepts because the formula is: always - always overstate a man's positives and you have instant comedy! It's such a creative cop-out, it's like that answer you give in interviews when they ask, "what's your biggest flaw?" And you answer, "I care too much" or "I'm a homeless workaholic, d-do ya mind if I work late a lot?"

Have you seen any more man ads lurking around that I may have missed?
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