Olay: Quench for Clunkers (or Cinch for Suckers)

Who is this ad created for & why does it exist? I don't understand, bewildered, must get nap. Who thunk it?
OK, I'm back. I like these two ladies, they are funny on VH1 with their witty repartee and trashy banter on irrelevant 80's facts. But now that they've been sanitized for someone's protection the Ha-Ha factor goes way down. What's with that wardrobe? When will general market agency's expand their repertoire of what they imagine Black people wear? The funny part is; you know everyone on the set sensed these quasi-rap inspired monkey get-ups from Hip Hop Harry's hell closet tour were dead wrong. If they didn't then someone should be reprimanded for lying about their "street cred" and uncontested urban fashionista style story. You know there was a question of wardrobe and they went for the lowest uncommon denominator. Baggy Tees and baseball cap flailed askew. Yep that's the breadth of an entire culture's fashion range.
As always the real question is will it sell Olay leg grease? Will it help the legacy of the brand? This obviously is the ill-prepared General Market (White) agency trying to do the multicultural thing and failing miserably. I really think it will alienate most of potential buyers. It's just so damn wacky. It's also blatant that they are trying to rep women of real sizes and actual American norms but, this makes them look a little silly and not to be taken seriously. It's almost as if speaking to this market means 'slumming' and shuck & jive is the order of the day.
I like those two ladies, but are they serious, is this a gag product? Only in a general market agency would they force the actors to say, "...and we're talking about all the ladies, all the black ladies, all the white ladies, latinas, asians..." As it turns out the general market agency doesn't generally know how to address the, well,  general market. I'm not surprised. P&G has maintained a stylish and elegant voice for this brand over the years. Now in order to lump a bunch of ethnic types together they eschewed the brand language and image all-together. Why? It seems to also put a big ol' dent in the brand. Olay has been know for years as a higher end brand, not ultra-high end, but not a Sauve price-buster brand either. This campaign certainly seems to take it there. And "there" when laced with wigger wrap styles, hollow hip-hop, campy fashions & insipid conceptual work is simply no place to be.

Diversity now!
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