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Has Terry lost his damn mind?

Is Old Spice advertising to kick ass lately?

And I have to ask; is this derogatory?

It made me laugh, but I'v been derided before for my drollness.

Mookie n 'Nem say...

Wieden + Kennedy dropped the ball on this one.  Terry Crews is FUNNY.  But Wieden made him out to be just foolish in these Old Spice ads.  He's way too far over the top and the idea is simply not as smart as "The Man, Your Man."  See it here:

"The Man, Your Man" is sophisticated and hilarious.  The Terry Crews stuff is simply wack and insulting.  However, we aren't on Haterade.  Wieden has done the impossible and made a tired ass brand (Old Spice) and company (Proctor & Gamble) relevant and cool, something neither has never, ever been!  One bad campaign can't screw that up.  NOW...two or three bad campaigns...Hmmm

Let's get back on track Wieden team.  Mookie n 'Nem is pulling for ya!
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