The Sport of Public Opinion

Tiger, Nike, W+K, perfect.

This spot is flawless because for once in advertising it is all about you. It is about your judgement, your opinion and your thoughts your anger, your fears. Tiger comes back and puts himself and the allegations, the accusals, the public eye (that has become more subversively detrimental than anything George Orwell or his vision of Big Brother could ever be) are all laid bare. The commercial is so raw, so defined and so left completely up to the audiences imagination. We see Tiger unflinchingly splayed wide open as both fallen angel and deliberate demon. Then as if that visage alone was not enough to unearth diametric oppositions of your psyche, you hear the very voice of Tiger's god, his father Earl Woods. That sweet fatherly voice asking benign questions that in the horrid glow of recent events offer condemnation and salvation. I don't know if this spot required more guts or ego for woods to pull off. That's what I like about it. Also, what does it require us as viewers and ultimate deciders of Tiger's fare in this mire, we give the final thumbs up or down in this modern day emotional and psychological colosseum media has become. We are asked to judge,  reprimand, rebuke, reprove -- or -- exonerate, excuse, exculpate.

As we no longer represent the crestfallen Christians in this arena, we now hold the power of Caesar. To slaughter with a press of the remote, a click of the mouse or a rebuff of a brand.

P.S. Advertising at its best doesn't seek to lead opinion. It should understand the 'physics' of human behavior and seek not to control but to surf the wave of comport.

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We tried to come up with something witty and intelligent, but after
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