And now an anonymous comment on CP+B & Diversity

I always say a blog can live or die by it's comments and some days I could go on life support for lack of them. But, emails, I get scads of juicy, unrepeatable emails. I understand folks wanna keep their jobs and can't be walking around practicing free speech and what not. It says a lot about the true racial climate, does it not?

But here's a comment from one brave anonymous soldier as a response to the Crispin, Porter + Bogusky show "Fearless Q+A" show on diversity in advertising:

"Here's the thing. CPB has been successful maintaining a predominately white's only culture for a long time. What would be the incentive for them to now change things up, and allow for diversity. Mr. Bogusky offered no explanation as to why his agency 700+ was almost all white. Mr. Bogusky gave no details on any diversity program he was planning to implement now or in the near future. Mr. Bogusky also seems not interested in joining the MG. Project. What I found disturbing is most agencies act like this. To them, their not at fault at all. They wont offer any solutions besides saying "we hire asians" or we have a internship program. But he's on their rocking a help haiti shirt acting like he actually gives a damn. Hes up their giving lincoln advice, but what is he doing? hypocrisy at its finest. Their no excuse for "we cant find talent". Theirs the 4a's, MGproject, Mosiac, adcolor etc. If they want to find qualified candidates of color they can, they just don't care too."

... and they call me the crazy one, a rebel, a trouble maker!

Mookie n 'Nem say...
While this emailer's heart is in the right place, he or she should have been more brief and to the point. He or she should have simply pointed out what CPB stands for: Colored People Banned.

Dammit Mookie! You shol' keeps it trill!
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