National Geographic Channel: Magician

It was published recently in The Guardian that the use of plastic bags was banned in New Delhi, India. The government says that the use, storage or sale of plastic bags are now banned. Whoever violates the new law can be fined up to 100 Indian rupees (about 4.5 thousand dollars) or even go to jail. The government intends to implement the law gradually to allow time for the population to exchange plastic bags for cloth bags or recycled paper.
According to personal blog Do Your Part, local authorities have been convinced by the environmentalists that plastic bags clog drains and so created environments conducive to mosquito breeding malaria and dengue. There are similar laws in Rwanda, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Anyway, the National Geograhic launched a campaign called "Ban The Bag" against plastic bags and for the use of biodegradable bags.

Created by
JWT New Delhi, the video tells the story of a magician and his various attempts to make a plastic bag go away. The production is of Bob and Lola Pvt ltd., Directed by Amitabh and Lolita.
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