And now a random comment from Mookie n 'Nem

Mookie N 'Nem say...
Tom Burrell talking about Brainwashed is like the pot calling the kettle black. Tom's agency executed much of the brainwashing from the moment he opened his agency's doors. His agency produced ads for women's perm products. Essentially promoting the idea that Black women weren't beautiful unless their hair was straight. His agency's car ads always promoted the idea that Black people didn't care about a car's performance, only how the car looked. It could have been a bucket of bolts inside, but as long as the car was styling...everything was cool for a nigga! And talk about being hypocritical. Burrell used to pump liquid crack, Schlitz Malt Liquor, into the Black community via the Bull...shit. At one time, damn near every single radio spot included black folks singing some jingle. That was as far as the idea of a real idea went.

Hell, Burrell's agency tried to teach its people as little as possible. Many of them left the agency literally without knowing what an advertising concept was.

Now, today, Tom's out of the picture. He has retired. Fresh blood has changed things up a bit and the work is much better. But back in Tom's day, you'd have to be brainwashed to think that Burrell Communications wasn't a partner in crime in the brainwashing of African-Americans.

Craig n 'nem say...
This is an actual comment and not from me, Craig. Because I sell the hell out of some perms... um, relaxers as we must call them. All the while searching for ways to improve the products and cautiously avoiding self esteem issues. Also I've sold the hell out of some car advertising at JWT Atlanta. And I ain't mad at Burrell.
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