Beyonce Heat Fragrance Commercial

Mumble uh trynta wanna say somethin' ummmm, mumble, finta say somthin'...mumble, uma gonna, mumble sommo umm ah *pant-pant* Hot! umm... mumble. Drool. Seriously.

I'm honestly not a big Beyonce stan, shocker right? The one thing I can say is no one is going to out work her! You can never take that away from her. But this commercial/thang here really captures sensuality while short skirting it's way around the sleaze factor. It kinda spells H.O.T. without spending too much time around the H.O. parts. That says a lot in this show-it-all, blow-it all - sex cum sleaze world we live in today. The lighting, atmosphere, soft focus, slinky corridor vamp walk & over-the-head neck rubbing shot all borrows heavily from the George Michael "Freedom" video from back in the day, but who cares. I'm a firm believer in stealing repurposing imagery and ideas for new uses in different contexts. We do it all the time in advertising but some people get all bent out of their own brilliance when they spot it happening. For me it works and Bey is a queen when it comes to studying here image and music history. Like when she killed with the Josephine Baker moves and everyone got pissed saying she was biting Tina Turner. The lady know her shakes. She once again masterfully applies her craft. Sex may sell, but sensuality moves minds and just maybe a whole load of parfum. (That's right I said Par-fum.)

P.S. Is that the same voice over guy from the new Jeep commercials?
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