Color Dial Spray: Graffiti on demand

(red dot award: design concept 2009)
The refillable Color Dial Spray is a novel design for a spray can that contains four colour cartridges (CMYK) in the one can. Two dials (for hue and brightness) help the painter achieve the exact colour required.

In South Korea, around 180,000 tonnes of cans are produced every year. The recycling rate for these is only around seventy-one per cent. Those that are discarded lead not only to the wastage of metal and an increase of garbage, but also to a greater consumption of raw materials and energy in order to produce more cans.

According to South Korea’s metal can resources society, the country’s use of metal cans is gradually reducing, but the consumption of aluminium cans in particular is increasing due to a greater consumption of beer. Plenty of spray cans are wasted as well, being discarded after a single use. Color Dial Spray aims to reduce their consumption.

Generally, spray cans contain only one colour. If only a small amount of paint is required, there will be considerable wastage. Color Dial Spray is a new type of spray can that contains CMYK colour cartridges in the one can. The user can immediately change the colour by turning the colour dials near the top of the can.

There are two dials: one for hue and one for brightness. These allow for precise mixing of the particular colour desired. The colour cartridges can be refilled many times over. This helps with the reduction of waste. The compact form of Color Dial Spray is convenient and portable.
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