Jeep: I am

I've been waiting for this and it looks like I'm not the only one. This, the first spot from Global Hue after being awarded Jeeps General Market assignment which is very rare for any Multicultural agency. The Advertising Industry websites have been ablaze with  hate for this spot. Some have deemed it the end of multicultural shops getting a shot at big general market accounts. Some say it's the worst spot ever and it will tank all of Detroit. The fact is; it aint that bad. I don't think it's great, but I have seen worse. It's very 1980's in its writing and feels dated by it's tag line. I really don't think a commercial should ever claim "I am" anything again for the next century, it just feels dated.
I do think it's an interesting foray into general market advertising that somehow only feels "general market like." I think I give it credit for making me want to see more of the campaign and that maybe all it set out to do. If that's so, then I give it a hardy George Bush, "Mission Accomplished!" If it supposed to pique my curiosity about buying a Jeep... hmmm, not just yet. The writing is OK, it's as good as most general market TV spots really. I do hate the usage of the word "greedily." It feels out of place sonically, it feels like an audio-speed bump. It sticks in my head well after the spot is gone, not in a good way. I don't remember the rest of the words but I remember "greedily." I'm still left wondering where is the big idea? Where is the thinking that sets this spot apart. Maybe it's coming, maybe they are just whetting our whistle. If that's so I hope it works for the General Market audience as well. It's not objective for me to root for a spot, to root for an agency, to pull for a campaign, but I'm pulling for this one. It's a wonderful opportunity to literally break with convention and stop speaking to the world the way advertising has taught the world to listen. It's a space to listen to the growing inclusive world and speak as it speaks. I hope we can do that.
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