You can't judge a campaign by its commercial (or can you?)

This week the very good folks at GlobalHue have taken more than a few brutal hits about one (1) spot they've released so far in the Jeep campaign. So I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I turned to the Kiss My Black Ads R&D department (youtube) for answers. What our crack team of deep diving web experts were able to excavate was a little unnerving. I can see why in some ways a certain raucous bunch of advertising folks maybe unhappy. Because the spots were really good. Or just maybe this was more like the reaction Jackie Robinson got when the color line was finally broken. Hmmm?

Let's see if we can find some lousy Jeep spots created b.c. (before the coloreds)

OK, so what that spot was pretty good. So what they got lucky!

...a-and that was, uh, well um pretty good too, but the next one oughta suck some major hole!!

Um, OK, that didn't suck either... but they did go and do something in a hole! So there!

I can do this all day...

OK, like that, that's it, that sh*t there... well that's one of my favorite commercials ever...

I give up.

Maybe the true test was simply in Jeep sales???

Or did BBDO get whupped in a good ol' fashioned client review?
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