Guinness: Dark Side

"Every man has a dark side. Guinness"

Now, here is an interesting use of (half) Black face. I knew sooner or later someone would employ it in a less than offensive fashion. I'm only half pissed off by this... not really. These ads are really just a little boring. But what the hell do they mean by a "dark side"?!

comment quote:
so...we have half-blackface, paired with a very bright white half, with a caption reading "every man has a dark side." so we have the tired old pairing of black/dark/assumed bad and white/light/assumed good and pure.

and then we have the utter fail of language here with "dark side" being a direct reference to one half of the model's skin color, and the use of the word "man" paired with the use of female models, is particularly annoying. boring, yes. offensive on more than one level? hell yes.

guinness tastes like shit anyway. 

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BBDO Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: WF Leong, Andrew Lok, John So
Art Directors: Yohan Si, WF Leong
Copywriters: Andrew Lok, WF Leong
Illustrator: Edwin Ho
Photographer: Edwin Ho
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