Bill Cosby gives marketers a lesson in how to achieve social media success

By Kenneth Hein
(November 12, 2009) Bill Cosby has taught us about a lot of things over the years, like parenting skills, how to pick out snazzy sweaters -- and now, how to succeed at social media.

Cosby held a "virtual town hall" on Oct. 19 to discuss issues that face the African-American community and support his latest album, "Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency." It features rappers Jace the Great, Brother Hahz and Super Nova Slom.

Since then, Cosby has taken social media by storm. The event, held at Ustream, generated 1.3 million views, placing behind only President Obama's inaugural address and a chat with the Jonas Brothers. Cosby has 644,654 Twitter followers and 25,569 fans on Facebook (which offers a "Dress Like the Cos" app). Following the event, visits to increased by 1,400 percent.

Within the two days that followed the town hall, there were 47,448 plays on the "State of Emergency" streaming player. The digital MP3 promoting the album was viewed by 50,727. On Nov. 10, the album download was made available on Amazon for a special price of $1.99. It peaked at No. 7 among all Amazon MP3 downloads sold. It is now $7.99 at Amazon and will debut at other retailers on Nov. 24.

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