The Marcus Graham Project: The Drum

The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) is a network with the intent strategically focused on building the next generation of leadership in the advertising & marketing industry thru mentorship & career development.

Show Topic: Rising From Adversity

Special Guest: Julius Dunn, Founder of the Adversi+y/One-Club program

Background: A survey of 44 professional forecasters by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) found that 80 percent of economists surveyed believed that the economy was growing again, after four straight quarters of declines. In essence economists are saying that the worst recession since the Great Depression is over. Even the CEO of Google was quoted recently in Advertising Age as says the recession is behind us. The Drum will explore what this means for the advertising & marketing industry. We will host a dialogue to determine what this translates into for talent looking for work, agencies looking for new talent, as well as what marketers will or should do to come out of the economic slump. How can we get out in front, now that the recession is behind us?

Show Hosts: Jamil Buie (@Buie) - The Purveyor of Cool, Ralph Lee (@MadManRalph), Kenji Summers (@KenjiSummers)

Producers: Lincoln Steffens (@LincolnSteffens) and George 2.0 (@twopointoh)

Highlights from Last weeks show:

The Drum episode 1.mp3

Tune in 4 p.m.  CST to 5 p.m.
Dial in 646-378-0992
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