Designer, Illustrator, Future: Branden Collins

You know every time I think I've earnt myself some good old fashion laurel restin' –– along comes some fancy ass kid who is just killin' it! Ladies and gentlemen meet Branden Collins; your new reason to stay up at night game tightnin'! This kids work is something like a phenomenon. Have a look, enjoy, be afraid, be very afraid dammit!

"Mister Collins" is originally Branden M. Collins, a native of Cleveland, Ohio now residing in Atlanta, GA. I've been doing artwork and a lover of the arts since my childhood. I'd like to say that, over the years, I've grown to have a more eclectic taste in both music and art, both media inspiring the other in everything that I do. Music and art to me are both languages that compliment one another, one not surviving solely without the other. Music has been a large foundation of my art for many years, inspiring me to do my first set of art shows with the

"Instant Vintage" series in Savannah, GA at the DesotOrow and Dimensions galleries in 2006 & 2007. Since those shows, I've become involved with an amazing creative collective called "The Big Up!" comprised of a few of my most talented associates from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA where I attended as an animation major for two years. Along with The Big Up! creative collective, I've grown tremendously as an artist and have come into my own and have become much more interested in art as a multimedia form.

Now, with the "Mister Collins" series, I've taken on the challenge of presenting my work as multimedia, social art. I want to challenge the viewer to become more than just a "spectator" of the work and themselves become an integral part of the work itself. Such was the case at "The Human Soul Project" art exhibition at Studio 900 where I presented a number of instillation pieces, a sort of scrap/sketch book & tape recording as my artist statements, and provided crayons for visitors to draw on every inch of the gallery space. In doing these things, I felt that I could really provide an introspective look & connection between myself and the viewer as well as an outlet for social expression.

I plan to continue exploring "Mister Collins" through the creation of more instillation and social art, as well as a book release entitled "The Strange Strange World of Mister Collins". You can find more updates and info on my personal work as well as that of The Big Up! on my website:
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