The Marcus Graham Project deploys the future

L-R John Genius, MGProject team member Wes Medlock,
Brandon McEachern of Broccoli City and MGProject founder Lincoln Stephens

At a time when everyone is complaining about the lack of diversity in the advertising industry, one man is setting out to make real and enduring change. That man is Lincoln Stephens. If you don't know him, remember the name. While some shops with multi-million dollar budgets and some with billions of dollars are flailing around the issue of diversity this one man has brainstormed, charted, implemented, orchestrated, tutored, soldiered up and readied young minds for the modern day mind jungle that is advertising.

These are the real seeds of change. Just watching dude do this makes me feel like I gotta step up my game, we all do.

See more of how it's done here and take notes here.
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