I finally understand what it means when people say, "Long Live The KING!" R.I.P. M.J.

I honestly can't speak on it yet. I'll let my peeps from around the nets help me understand my vacuum, my personal abatement of pain. (so I'll keep updating this one post to help me understand my/our loss)

"The deepest sound is silence."
-365 Tao

"It's like I'm sad but also hearing all of his music makes me happy and think of my childhood...but there are things all of us can take away as we celebrate(and unfortunately criticize) the life of Micheal Jackson...I think the most important thing would be to never be afraid of experimenting or doing something so radically different from the norm in your career that you create and define your own genre...that fearlessness is what separates the exceptional from the excellent...

The world has one less star today which means we all must burn brighter for him..."
- Kwesi Amuti

"My heart is hurting"

"It's time to turn down the chatter and turn up the music"
-LA Reid

"My thoughts are completely scattered. Some of which I was able to purge on Twitter last night with the rest of my family. But honestly, at a mere 24 hours in, I cannot fathom what tomorrow will look like. I feel like whatever was left of my childhood was obliterated"
-NovaMatic (SoulBounce)

"The loss of a true artist. A natural talent. A true beacon of creativity. A door opener. A changer of status quo. We lost Michael Jackson at 2pm today to a cardiac arrest at the young age of 50. I want to write something profound. I want to touch on his personal impact on my life. But...I can't explain it. I can't describe how he shaped my creativity. How he gave me confidence. Or how his music was my childhood. I'm literally still in shock. To think that he will never make another song and that I will never get to see him perform live...kinda kills me inside. When I heard he died today, I started shaking. I shed a tear. Friends called and texted me to see if I was ok. It was and is like loosing a family member. Someone I truly grew up with. A constant in my life. And it makes me sad. I even tried to celebrate his life infront of the Apollo Theater, surrounded by a crowd dancing, singing and jiving...and I felt nothing but sorrow. a hard one."
-Shaun (Prostituted Thoughts)

"I remember Michael Jackson for the internalized racism that he seemed to increasingly display, and for how the incredible light in his young eyes gradually faded as he grew older, perhaps in part as a result of that burden.

I remember him more, though, for so much amazing music, and for what was even more amazing to me, the many ways that he made his body move."
–macon d (stuff white people do)

"Michael Jackson music sales are going through the roof. Somewhere Jacko is hollering, “Oh, now you muthafuckas wanna buy my shit? Where were y’all when I released Invincible?”

"I want to pour out a little Pepsi on the sidewalk [(c) Questlove] and add my voice to the millions across the globe who are giving their testimonials as to why MJ was the Greatest that Ever Lived.

Except, each time I try ... I start to sing instead. I can't help it."
Harlem (SoulBounce)

"Yesterday, where I reside at least, was a beautiful, sunny day. Not too hot and slightly breezy. Yet for whatever reason, yesterday seemed off to me. If pressed, I can't explain why. It was like walking onto a movie set where all the elements are in place, yet a soulful element is missing. The reason for the vacuous element was answered once I returned home midday."
Ill Mami (SoulBounce)

Mike had a multitude of detractors, but their voices get drowned out in the roar of his legions of fans. whatever clever off-color jokes you have, i'd rather not hear them. thanks... i was not Micheal Jackson's #1 fan, but i was a fan. sure, he made me shake my head sometimes, but he also made me laugh, dance and cry. though he was long past his prime, i had hoped we would have more time with him. he is often imitated by popular musicians today, and probably will be for years to come.
Rest In Peace...

"I hope that the media avoids the victim-blaming once the cause of death is made public (though I don't have much hope in that, since there's already speculation of drug abuse, followed by the, "well he didn't take very good care of himself" crap--oh you think? Too bad we were all too busy finger-pointing and making a spectacle of his freakishness to step in and offer help. This society is plagued with a desire to see the greats fall, to illustrate that they're human too, and in that we are all guilty because we "other" them, ostracize them for their abuses and mental issues, and then are shocked when they tragically die. I'm fucking sick of this. We're all human, but rather than help each other we blame them and cause more damage and say it's all their fault anyway for being addicts or being crazy or being fat or having identity issues or whatever else we can point and laugh at, and then marveling when they're dead).

It simply cannot be ignored that Michael Jackson brought joy to millions of people around the world. He was an entertainer, and he was a great one. His influence in pop music is still evident in the genre. No other artist has compared to his success thus far. And to say that I am anything less than devastated by his death would be an understatement.
-Filthy Grandeur
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